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Best School Backpacks Belvah Quilted Drawstring Backpack Handbag

Belvah Quilted Drawstring Backpack Handbag

I recently received my backpack and used it this week while commuting back and forth to work. I was very pleased and impressed with the size, number of compartments it has, and the way it holds the weight of all my personal belongings--I was surpised that there was enough room for my big purse. I carry my coffee, 36 oz bottled water, purse, iphone and its acessories, ipad and its accessories, lunch(small or big), paperwork, and umbrella in the backpack and I still have some extra space left. I take the bus to work five days a week and I used to carry my purse and a big nylon bag (and sometimes 2 bags, depending on the size of my lunch and amount of paperwork) and had problems trying to manage all the stuff I carried on the bus (with limited space) and thought about getting a backpack since I saw some people with them. I didn't know which ones were good/bad so I read reviews on this one and others. Since this backpack had many good reviews, I was encouraged to get this one and I'm glad I did. Now, I'm able to carry "one" bag, not 2 or 3, and my new backpack doesn't feel as heavy as the multiple bags I was carrying even though I'm carrying the same things. I feel more comfortable with it on my lap. I really appreciate the people who took the time to give their reviews on their backpacks before I decided to purchase mine. The "overall" rating on this item has lead me to making the right choice.

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  1. My teen loves this bag. It's very roomy and fashionable. I will probably purchase another for my other daughter. Solid build and quality fabric.

  2. Franklin Watson11/13/2013 6:32 AM

    I loved back pack purses as a kid and when I saw this and ordered it I was not disappointed

  3. Rosanne Harrell11/20/2013 7:32 AM

    I am a college student and I hate the look of your standard backpack. This is a much better style for me. It is a little on the small side though. My classes are spaced nicely so that I only have to take one binder/book, and my iPad at one time. If you had many books to carry this probably would not work as well. It is however an excellent overnight bag.

  4. Excellent material and color. It was just what I was looking for. I'll try and if I like to buy this brand again because the designs are lovely.