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Angry Birds Lunch Bag Box


The Best Ever Bag: Angry Birds Lunch Bag Box

Angry Birds Lunch Bag Box
Perfect size for a sandwich, fruit and chips. Very popular and "cool" to have one, so when my son (age 46) who is in an upper management position for a very large corporation was looking for a lunch bag, he was disappointed that he couldn't find an Angry Birds lunch box in any of the stores. It was "back to school" time and the younger students beat him out.

I found this in Amazon (my "to go" place for everything) that very night and bought it for him basically as a joke. He told me just a few minutes ago when I asked if he actually used it, that he did indeed...every time he takes lunch to work. He has his laptop slung over one shoulder and his Angry Birds lunch bag in the other.

When I asked if anyone commented, he said several told him that their kids would kill for that. Others just shake their heads.
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  1. Rose Salinas11/13/2010 7:32 AM

    I purchased this lunchbox for my son who is in second grade.
    It is the perfect size and he has used it every day since we purchased it.
    It is holding up well.

  2. What a cute little set. The box was cute, well insulated, and arrived promptly and just as we had expected.

  3. Mitchell Bender11/23/2011 4:32 AM

    My son loved it. It was shipped quickly and as expected. Good value for the money. I would purchase this again.

  4. Jenny Hinton11/13/2012 7:32 AM

    It has a really good size. I use one small icepack to keep food cold. And it works really good for all 8-hours day. We can put 2 sandwiches, a few big cookies, small milk or yogurt bottle, and even 2 fruits purees!
    And it's very bright and colorful.
    My 5-y-od son loves it. So do his little friends at school.

  5. I was excited about getting this lunch bag, but it was even nicer than expected. We opened it and my little boy loved the strap and the look of it. He was excited about taking it to school and it looks like it will be durable. He throws it down a lot and his last lunch bag didn't last long.

  6. Robert Stewart11/30/2012 11:32 AM

    My son love it. It is well build and nice design.
    very successful at school
    Very good quality of material

  7. All I can say is five starts because my grandson absolutely loves it. Who doesn'tlove an angry bird. Everytime Ilook at it,it cracks me up.

  8. Just what is said. My son loves it. I need more words so Im filling in with senseless waste of time typing