Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Great Addition For Any Budding Mandalore

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Best School Backpacks Comic Images Backpack Buddies Plush

Comic Images Backpack Buddies Plush

I bought this for my 5 year old for Kindergarten. I read that it was on the smaller side and he didn't need a lot of room. His school puts everything that needs to be sent home in a Super Stacker Pringles can and that fit perfectly in there. He was able to put sweatshirts and things like that in it if he got hot too. The bag lasted all school year and that was with daily use and all the love a 5 year old Star Wars nerd could give it. Between school and acting out his favorite Star Wars scenes with it, it received a lot of abuse. Even after all that, it took a year for the first problem. The zipper split. With a little stitch cutting and resewing, I was able to fix it myself. Anyone that takes better care of their things will definitely find this will last a very long time.

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Title Post: A Great Addition For Any Budding Mandalore
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  1. Leanne Jones11/11/2012 9:32 AM

    I saw this girl at school with it and i keep forgetting to ask her where she got it from but its brown and fuzzyand it has sort of a monster face on it with a red mouth and other facial features in the color of black. If you know where i can find this PLEASE HELP links would be great!!