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Great style for school


The Best Ever World New York Sunrise Backpack

World New York Sunrise Backpack

I purchased this item for my 8th grader. It arrived earlier than expected and the packaging was very secure.

The handle, binding, zippers and wheels all appeared to be of excellent quality. The cavity is very large; it fits a textbook, 2" binder, pencil pouch plus room for thin or small items. There are 2 smaller compartments; one fits gym clothes (rolled) and the other holds keys, money, etc. There are 2 bonuses: 1. the interior cavity has a lining and 2. the backpack straps fit nicely in a casing so they don't get caught in the wheels (very smart design).

It has been in use for 4 weeks now and the quality is still maintained. The compartments have been stuffed with school supplies, rolled on various outdoor surfaces and has been weathered in several rains. It met my expectations and I would highly recommend this product.

UPDATED ON 2/22/2013. My 8th grader has been using this roller backpack for school for 6 months now. Just now, the bottom material is starting to thin-out. I'm still very happy though because of the way this bag is dragged and tossed, all the outer construction is still very good. The handles, zippers, fabric and wheels are still in very good shape and working well.

Still would highly recommend this roller bag after 6 months of daily and rigorous use.

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  1. Karl Fischer11/20/2010 6:32 AM

    Bought this item for the second time, all I can say is this rolling backpack is one of the best, easy to clean and to carry, my child loves it because it has many pockets inside that allow her to storage all her books, pencils, pens, etc. Very nice and really good product.

  2. Wade Collier12/27/2010 6:32 AM

    I purchased this backpack for my 8 year old daughter who was having trouble carrying a traditional backpack full of heavy school books. Since she began using it, she has been able to easily transport her school books home and no longer looks like she'll break her back. It is roomy enough for her other school accessories and lunch as well. I would recommend this backpack to any parent.

  3. Richard Martin12/19/2011 2:32 PM

    I had just purchased a Gap rolling backpack for my 6 year old son for school when my 8 year old daughter decided that having a rolling backpack would be much easier on her. I found this one on and she liked the pink circle pattern. I have to tell you that this backpack is WAY better quality than my son's Gap backpack. This J World rolling backpack is the perfect size for Kindergarten - college! I could see traveling with it really easily too. The wheels are super sturdy and the handle is easy to use and doesn't get the kids fingers caught in it like the Gap one does.

  4. Fannie Herring10/22/2012 5:32 AM

    This is a great buy. Cheaper than other stylish bag but is very stylish itself! And durable..she used it for 2 whole years

  5. Ronald Gates10/26/2012 4:32 PM

    This is a great rolling backpack!!! I bought two last year for each of my kids and the only reason I bought two again this year is because the kids wanted a different style. These backpacks are durable and you don't have to worry about the bottom of the bag getting a hole in it because the bottom is made of a protective plastic that will last the whole school year. The best thing about this backback is the cost. It is very reasonable compared to other brands. You won't be sorry.

  6. I ordered this pack for my best friend's daughter for school. She loves it!! She can fill it full of her school textbooks and supplies and roll it wherever she needs it. Sturdy construction and great style!

  7. Bertie Harvey12/19/2012 5:32 AM

    My child has to carry all of her books in her backpack because they do not have lockers at her school. Found this rolling backpack and my daughter loves it. Very durable and well made!

  8. I got this for my daughter, who is entering 3rd grade. It meets and exceedes all my expectations. It is very roomy and sturdy. My older daughter received one this past Christmas and it still looks brand new. Both my girls are car riders, so I'm not sure how it would hold up long term for bus riders. I have already recommended this product to a friend and would do so again.

  9. Lorena Estes11/17/2013 2:32 AM

    Bought this backpack last summer for my daughter who wanted a rolling backpack. Sle loved it so much she wants me to order another one this year.