Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love it!


The Best Ever Dakine Academy BackPack Flourish 7 Inch

Dakine Academy BackPack Flourish 7 Inch

I was looking for a real good wheeled backpack, and was researching over the internet; and this backpack kinda caught my attention. This is one of the best backpack one could ever have. Its spacious, the wheels are good, and the bag stands straight and does not fall down like other cheap products. The quality of the bag is incredible, i love the texture. It has lot of pockets and you can keep a whole lot of stuff in there, the handle is strong enough to bear the load. The shoulder straps easily fit in the slot made for it at the back of the bag and when you are rolling your backpack, there is no way that the straps could get into the wheels; which is great. I have been using it for last 2 and half weeks and it seems to be working perfect for me. I love the rich charcoal red color. My colleagues were impressed with my choice and even though its a bit pricy, its worth it. You have great deals on amazon and you might want to keep an eye on the price, as sometimes, they put real good deals.!! I loved my backpack.. I now know, I made the right choice!!

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Title Post: Love it!
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  1. Gabrielle Nguyen10/20/2010 3:32 AM

    My bookbag started splitting at the bottom last semester, so I knew it was time to invest in a new one. I have heard great things about Dakine backpacks. Fortunately, the Dakines on Amazon are much cheaper than ordering directly from the website. This item shipped quickly, and I was so excited to begin using it. The separate laptop pouch is perfect for protecting my ultrabook when going to campus. Also, the cooler pocket is amazing. I can finally take food with me to campus, rather than buying from any of the cafeterias. Overall, this bookbag is perfect for keeping things organized, for protecting your laptop during travel, and for taking snacks to class with you. I will never switch from a Dakine!

  2. i got this for my daughter she has had it 2 years now...i got it cuz all her straps have broken why not spend $50 on a bag that will last a while..it has lots of secret pockets a few are even padded and soft.u can ft a lap top in this one too..very sturdy she used this junior and senior year...any dakine bags are long lasting

  3. Christopher Hopper11/20/2011 8:32 AM

    Before i ordered it, I checked the dimensions of my backpack, hoping itd fit my 14.1" laptop. The backpack came smaller than I imagined it, but my laptop actually fits! The interior is perfect for just enough stuff for college - a 1" binder along with a book or two.

    I absolutely think the size is perfect for me since I normally tend to stuff my backpacks with junk, and this helps me to limit what I need to carry. The two smaller pockets in the front are good for my small necessities although i wish the middle pocket didnt have just one zipper, since my things kept falling out.
    The side pockets are useful for a water bottle and the other side for small stuff as well. There is a pocket on top above the main compartment which is useful for pens/pencils in my opinion.

  4. Terrence Kane11/19/2012 3:32 AM

    I received this book bag promptly. I was so impatient to get it, I kept looking at the tracking on the product. It might seem small, but I can fit a good amount in it. There's even a pocket in the main compartment for a laptop. I can fit my laptop and at least 4 notebooks. It's perfect for any college student. The insulated front pocket to keep foods cool is a great and convenient touch also. There are 2 side pockets, and one of them even stretches out to double as a drink compartment. I would certainly recommend this back pack for anyone.

  5. Marcie Morse12/14/2013 8:32 AM

    Has a pocket that is insulated for food to stay cold, has a pocket for everything. Love the side pockets for my water bottle, love the pocket for my laptop and the soft pocket for sunglasses. It is very nice and I am very happy I bought it! I got it for $50 and it my bookstore at school they were $70, so that's a plus!!