Friday, June 28, 2013

Camping at home!

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Best Backpacks for School Learning Resources Pretend Play Camp

Learning Resources Pretend Play Camp

We purchased the Skip House pink mouse backpack, and were looking for a coordinating lunch bag. We bought the Skip Hop Penguin Lunch Bag.


My daughter was wild about the penguin design. It is incredibly cute! (They all are, honestly.)

I loved that it is BPA-, Phthalate-, and PVC-free.

It's very easy to clean the inside. Wipes down very quickly with a damp cloth.

Internal name tag space.

Adjustable carry handle

Can be laid flat and unzipped all the way around. for easier unpacking at lunchtime.


It has a small mesh pocket on the inside where I tuck her fruit strip, or pack of cheese bunny crackers, and a folded up napkin and her ID card. The main internal portion easily holds our square sandwich container, small container of crackers/cookies, and a Contigo Autoseal Kids Cup.


It does not easily hold the shorter/fatter food containers (wide thermos-style). Nor does it easily hold a small yogurt, mini ice pack, water bottle, AND a plastic sandwich container. But if you pack your sandwiches in those small reusable bags, that might work for all the extras, though the sandwich might be a bit smushed. ;)

I really wish it had an external pocket (like the Skip Hop backpacks have). The inner mesh pocket is good for a few things, but not a lot.

Does not hold afternoon snack and lunch. Not an issue for us, but might be a concern for others.


I highly recommend this for a single lunch container for a young child (preschool or kindergarten). We keep her snack in her regular backpack, so this one works fine for lunch only.

5 stars because it works great for our needs, and our daughter absolutely adores it. :)

But once she's older, we'll be moving on the a larger lunch bag. She'll be very sad to not be able to bring her Penguin buddy to school. But for this year, it's perfect!

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