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Excellent! This is exactly the bag I am looking for.


Best Backpack for School Nike Accessories Rolling Backpack Anthracite

Nike Accessories Rolling Backpack Anthracite

My daughter chose this JanSport backpack for its color, but it turned out to be a very good quality. The straps unbuckle and tuck completely out of sight. The wheels glide smoothly. The handles pull out and retract with ease.

The double rails on the handle (makes an upside down "U" shape rather than a "T" shape), gives the backpack more stability when rolling over curbs.

We took the backpack with us on vacation, on which it was perfect for. The size is noticeably larger than other backpacks. When my daughter lined her backpack with the other children's backpacks at school along a wall, hers was the largest one. She commented the first day she took it to school that everyone noticed how large it was -- big plus in her book, because she stuffs it with everything, including her jacket.

The shape is more rectangular than some other backpacks, and it holds its shape when empty. It doesn't tip over when full, an important feature to look for in any wheeled backpack.

Definitely a good buy for us. If it came in a color my son wanted, I'd have bought one for him, as well.

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Title Post: Excellent! This is exactly the bag I am looking for.
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  1. Mathew Blair12/18/2010 7:32 AM

    He loves that there is enough room for a football, his lunch and a separate compartment for his papers and books.

  2. Tamara Underwood10/15/2011 6:32 AM

    Love the easy touch pull up bar. The bag is on the smaller size, but perfect for my 4th grader. The capacity seems very good.
    I am actually going to buy it for my 2nd grader too - I just wish this was on Prime shipping and I didn't have to pay the shipping twice. My son has been using it for 2 weeks now and can't begin to say how fun it is to roll this along.
    I got another Jansport rolling backpack - which is awesome, but this Nike one is way too stylish. A+++

  3. Luis Rasmussen11/26/2011 6:32 AM

    I love this bag. It's big enough to fit a weekend's worth of clothes, my laptop, extra shoes, all my toiletries and to top it all, it fits underneath the seat if you're flying (Great perk for when an airline charges for carry ons that are stored in the overhead compartment [ie. Spirit]). The rolling feature is nice although the straps get caught under the wheels at times. Overall it's a great product.

  4. Leanne Shaffer10/17/2012 11:32 AM

    Bought it for my 12 yr. old grandson and, so far so good. Waiting to see how long it last.

  5. Christopher Patrick11/14/2012 11:32 AM

    Before I get this bag, I spent 3 days looking for a rolling backpack. Last week, I bought the other backpack, but finally, I returned that one to the seller.

    For this NIKE Backpack, No more words than "Excellent" Love it!!.. Its size is exactly what I want. I can put three law books, my laptop, my "fat" stationery bag (I bet, you cannot imagine how fat it is), and they are altogether. It is awesome!! The magenta "pretty".. The rolling and handle work very well. Thanks to NIKE..this is a very good products. I am very happy when I use it.. Happy Happy ..

  6. Jeanie Goodwin11/22/2012 6:32 AM

    This rolling laptop backpack is ideal for anyone looking for a mid-size pack to quickly 'store and go' your tech stuff and personal essentials. So far, have traveled through airports, city streets and trails with this pack, and it's proved versatile, durable and functional. Design and size of pack is useful for overnight/weekend trips. Light in weight, good choice as a carry-on bag for flights. Am very happy with this item.

  7. I love the small bag with wheels for travel, it is deep and can hold a lot and i dont have to carry it on my shoulder

  8. Lorna Fields10/15/2013 3:32 PM

    I really treat this backpack as if I hated it, and so far it's still standing. I love that I can easily convert it from backpack to carry-on. Super convenient for commuting! It's quite small for a computer bag, yet spacious enough to carry my humongous lap top!