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Great backpack

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Best Ever Backpacks: JanSport Student School Backpack French

JanSport Student School Backpack French

I have been a Jansport Junkie since I was in High school (Many years ago). I remember begging my mom for the black backpack with that tapestry looking strip across the front. I was lucky enough that she bought it for me and thanks to their lifetime warrenty (it has been replaced for free 3 times now) I still have that backpack and it functions as my always packed bathroom travel bag.

So I decided to go back to school to get a second major and didn't want to unpack my bathroom bag. I began hunting for a Jansport. I ordered this bag in the Tan color with the pink zippers. I LOVE it. First of all it came with that wonderful tag that says "Lifetime warrenty on craftsmanship," second, it's larger and much more comfortable them my circa 1993 version.

There are WAY more pockets then the old ones had. Right now in the large main pocket I have a Precalculus book, Chemistry Book, Microbiology book, and chemistry Student guide. In the second main pocket (the bulk of the packpack is separated into two parts) I have 3 spiral notebooks, 2 composition books, a TI Calculator, and a pair of lab goggles. In the front pouch I have two full boxes of pencils, one box of pens, various items from my purse and two packs of gum. Then I found two more pockets AND a little webbed thingy on the side for holding a bottle of water. Also in the front pouch is a little pocket made just for cell phones - nice touch. I still have plenty of room for adding more crap should I want to... but I don't think I could lift it then.

The whole exterior is made in that standard high test canvas that makes Jansport bags last forever. The inside separator between the two large pockets may be the first thing that goes - it's a much flimsier material.

Final verdict - it holds everything I need it to hold, has surprisingly comfortable straps, and appears very durable. Highly recommended for High school, college, weekend overnight bag, or laptop bag. I do not recommend it for little ones as my 8 year old put it on and it almost swallowed him.

EDIT- I have just ordered 2 more of these - one for each of my stepsons. The bag has made it through almost a whole college semester with nary a scuff. I love this bag. I now have one in this black and white spastic mishmash color that matches my youngest's bike, and the one with the lions on it (looks like old heraldry) they are all shaped exactly the same and made just as durable.

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