Monday, June 3, 2013

Penny skateboard

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I purchased this lunch bag to use for my kids when we go out for the day. I have always had issues with the sippy cups leaking in the lunch bags which has caused me to have to throw them out after awhile since I couldn't get them clean enough. The biggest issue was with the milk leaks because no matter how much I tried to clean them, I could never get that yucky milk smell out of the bags (they weren't machine washable). So, since replacing lunch bags is a waste to me, I set out to find a washable lunch bag-voila! Not only is this amazing bag washable, but it is pretty environmentally friendly as well. It is also cute and roomy. For example, the other day I fit in it a rectangle lunch bot, two straw sippy cups, a package of yogurt melts, a little glass container with fruit, some crackers, a small ice pack and some random baby snacks. I couldn't fit all that in our older lunch bags because they had hard sides that were not flexible and they weren't as big. We love this bag for many reasons, but mostly because when the milk spills in it-which it definitely will-I can wash it and it will be as good as new.

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