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Best Ever Backpacks: Dakine 13 Litre Grom Northwest 6 Inch

Dakine 13 Litre Grom Northwest 6 Inch

The plaid is more of a turquoise and brown than it looks on my computer. The interior is a very bright medium turquoise color. This is a solidly built small pack. I use it every weekday toting my essentials to and from my job. I have had it for a few months and it shows NO signs of wear. This is not the right pack for someone who wants frills or interior organization-- there are no little sleeves to hold your pens or pencils, no little key ring, nothing. It does have 2 exterior zippered pockets-- an upper smaller one with a lightweight fleece lining for sunglasses and a larger one beneath that easily holds my large-ish cellphone, my ipod in a plastic box, keys, tissues and other small bits and pieces. The larger main compartment has two zippers with matching fabric pulls and easily holds a small purse, a lightweight sweater, a tablet or kindle and still has room leftover.

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  1. I needed a small pack to carry my lunch and a light jacket when going to work. Was not to sure of sizing specs but went ahead and bought it. It's ideal for my needs and I don't feel like It's to large.Has pockets for water bottles , shades and one large pocket and another smaller one. I know the Dakine name and feel confident it's durable and will last awhile. Very happy with it.

  2. Haley Shepherd11/25/2010 4:32 AM

    I happened to see a guy at the race track and I noticed his backpack was like the perfect size. No too big and not a little kid size. So I asked him what it was and where he purchased it and I immediately went home and looked it up and placed my order. It came very fast and I absolutely love it!!!! Perfect size with more than enough room for all the things I like to carry,. I totally recommend it to everyone that is looking for a little smaller than the normal huge backpack. Sturdy yet small enough to carry around comfortably.

  3. Karl Collier12/26/2010 4:32 AM

    I am traveling out of the country on a medical mission trip and when I received this bag in the mail it was everything I was hoping for. Small enough to carry around all day, durable, and lite-weight. I am 5'7 and with straps adjusted it sits perfectly on my back. I've been breaking it in before my trip to soften the straps a bit, however I highly recommend this bag!

  4. Colette Soto11/17/2011 2:32 PM

    this is the perfect back for boarders who do not want to be loaded down with a massive heli bag. this one has a nice grey-black plaid. it's really nice and I'd totally recommend it. What's nice is it can also be used for non-snowboarding as well---overnight bag, etc.......get it little grooms

  5. Really great backpack. Perfect size for a day trip. Worked great at Lollapalooza this year. Very comfortable and feels very durable.

  6. Allyson Joyner12/15/2013 12:32 PM

    This backpack is perfect for mountain biking, i imagine any biking for that matter. I just received the backpack yesterday and thought wow it is small, but it has plenty of space. 3 zippered compartments and 2 mesh external compartments for water bottles and what-not. It also has the durability you will come to know with Dakine backpacks, I rode today in a really bad snow rain mix and everything inside stayed dry. I love this backpack