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BIg time rush lunch box


Best School Backpack: Big Time Rush Lunch Box

Big Time Rush Lunch Box

My child was given this as an 8th birthday gift and absolutely loved it. Where she has been frustrated by stencil kits or art pads in the past, this book was easy for her to use. Because the Monster High characters are very lightly but very clearly drawn on each page she was able to replicate the look she wanted on her first try. The stencils are durable and easy to position on the page (they are very slightly translucent). Because of the fineness of the preprinted detail lines in the faces, this is not a suitable pad to use with crayons. Markers might bleed through so I suggested my daughter try using colored pencils with the pad and they worked very well. Excellent gift idea for the Monster High fanatic that might already have everything. I'd include a big box of Crayola 24ct Erasable Colored Pencils and a decent sharpener.

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    I was sitting at my lunch table and my friend Jake came over to my friend Kelsea, yelled, "YOU LISTEN TO BIG TIME RUSH!" and then ran away again. xD BURN.

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  6. Jeffery Waller11/12/2013 3:32 AM

    He is getting bored with the lunchmeat sandwiches I pack for his lunch everyday. And he's a big guy, so peanut butter and jelly doesn't work either. Any ideas? Something that does not need to be warmed up.

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