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Favorite gift Kids Backpack Elephant Affordable DKKI 8077


Best Ever Backpacks: Kids Backpack Elephant Affordable DKKI 8077

Kids Backpack Elephant Affordable DKKI 8077
I bought this backpack for school in September and the shipping was fast and I got the backpack just in time for school. I bought this backpack in Navy/Vivienne Plaid and i just have to say that the pattern is even cuter in person! I'm in the eighth grade and I have a locker, but I barely use it because I can fit all of my stuff in this backpack!
This backpack has one big pocket with a padded laptop sleeve that I use to put my gym clothes in. I can fit 4 one subject notebooks, 4 folders, a binder, and a one 3 subject notebook in this main pocket, along with a book for my English class. So pretty roomy if you ask me!
Then, there are two pockets on the side, where you can put your water bottle in. I personally don't use the pockets.
There are also two more pockets. One of them, I put pencils and pens in. I usually leave the other one empty. It's a cooler pocket but I don't use it.
There's one more pocket at the top of the backpack. If you have glasses then this is a pretty good spot for it. I leave my phone in it and I can be sure that it'll be safe since the pocket happens to be plush lined. It's a smart idea to keep your valuables here.
Now, here's my favorite thing about this backpack: The shoulder straps are padded! I used to have a Jansport backpack that was very uncomfortable for my shoulders. This backpack is very comfortable and even if I have a lot of stuff in my backpack the weight is evenly distributed to each shoulder and I just love it! If you're looking for a cute, roomy, and comfy backpack then this is the backpack for you!
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  1. Maurice Kramer10/29/2010 3:32 PM

    My daughter was thrilled to have received her little suitcase. it is very cute and extremely soft. i was surprised by the amount of room inside of it as well. This is something she loves to pack up even when going to grandmas for a couple hours. Would make an excellent gift as well. We have flown with it once, and she felt so grown up with her own suitcase in the airport. We love this, and our baby will be getting one soon too!

  2. Darren Welch10/16/2011 7:32 AM

    My daughter loves elephants so we ordered this for for her 4th birthday. It is very soft and plush and seems very well made. It's a little heavy for a backpack but she likes putting toys in and pulling it around with the handle.