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Great Mat!


Best School Backpack: Wildkin Olive Kids Mermaids Nap

Wildkin Olive Kids Mermaids Nap

I got a v.reader for my kid who was 21 mo at the time and nine months later it is still one of his favorite toys. He plays with it almost every day. I always hesitate to judge educational value of toys and am suspect towards such claims, but this one has proven to have it. My 2 � yr old knows capital and small letter, colors, shapes, punctuation, some Spanish words (from Dora) and French ballet terms (from Olivia). "What happened" games have thought him to learn to think about stories and articulate simple explanations, so now he frequently tells me what happened in books and cartoons. I saw some reviews about technical problems with this toy, but we have been lucky and we have not experienced any even issues and though the toy was dropped many, many times, it is still as new. We have the older version with a larger screen which may be more durable than the new one (which also has a small screen). I would recommend buying rechargeable batteries though, because regular ones will last only several hours of play.

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Title Post: Great Mat!
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  1. Herbert Goodman11/29/2010 2:32 PM

    Our 4 1/2 year old picked this out.
    Colors are great, plenty of blanket space.
    Length of sleeping bag is perfect for preschool age. (I would say up until around 6 years of age)
    The mat and pillow are not super thick, but she is using this on top of a preschool cot, but is still comfy.
    Would be GREAT for sleep overs and easy to throw in the wash!

  2. Janelle Santos10/19/2011 1:32 PM

    We've had a Wildkin mat for 2 years now- it is washed every single week. It has held up well- I see at least another 1/2 year of life in it- if not more. The padding of the mat and the fabric are just fine-- faded is all. We generally don't wash the pillow- just every month or so and that's held up too. I've just ordered another for my younger child. I looked around and really think this is by far the best choice. It may seem a bit expensive-- but 3 years of use makes that totally worth it in my opinion.

  3. Marianne Roth11/12/2011 5:32 AM

    This is a wonderful product. My daughter loves her mat and uses it at daycare. It's very comfortable and the attached pullover blanket is just right for afternoon naps. It is easy to transport, it rolls up and comes with an attached handle. The mat is very easy to clean, the pillow is easy to remove and the mat is machine washable in cold water and just tumble dry in a dryer.

  4. Brandon Strickland11/16/2011 3:32 PM

    I got this for my 3.5 yr old daughter for naptime at school. It's bright, comfortable and easy to clean. If your kid is larger or taller than the average preschooler, they might have a hard time on this one. But all, in all, it was a good alternate choice to sheet and blanket.

  5. Thomas Stone11/12/2012 4:32 AM

    My 3 year old daughter loves this sleep mat. She uses it at her preschool and on the weekend when we bring it home to wash it. It is well made, washes well, line dries fairly quickly, and has plenty of room for her to grow. Her preschool teacher says she naps very well, so its a success!

  6. Shannon Stark12/20/2012 4:32 AM

    I purchased this mat for my child to use at preschool. She loves it. Very cute print and easy to wash. Would buy it again!

  7. Christian Kent12/25/2012 6:32 AM


  8. This item is awesome! My daughter recently switched schools and now naps on mats instead of cots. I was a little worried about the transition and so I purchased this item (vs. other cheaper options which did not seem to be as high in quality) and it worked out fabulously. She had a week to get acquainted with the mat and even slept with it next to her in her bed (rolled up) at night! I love that the pillow is easily removed for washing and the mat rolls up neatly for storage while not in use. The carry handle is also a bonus for the parent with loaded arms, juggling a preschooler, backpack with lunch and nap mat every Monday morning : ) Love it!!