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Great size


Best Backpacks for School: SugarBooger Zippie BackPack Retro Robot

SugarBooger Zippie BackPack Retro Robot

Perfect size for a sandwich, fruit and chips. Very popular and "cool" to have one, so when my son (age 46) who is in an upper management position for a very large corporation was looking for a lunch bag, he was disappointed that he couldn't find an Angry Birds lunch box in any of the stores. It was "back to school" time and the younger students beat him out.

I found this in Amazon (my "to go" place for everything) that very night and bought it for him basically as a joke. He told me just a few minutes ago when I asked if he actually used it, that he did indeed...every time he takes lunch to work. He has his laptop slung over one shoulder and his Angry Birds lunch bag in the other.

When I asked if anyone commented, he said several told him that their kids would kill for that. Others just shake their heads.

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  1. Millie Cameron10/20/2010 4:32 AM

    Great backpack for toddlers when you still have to carry diapers, some clothe and some little toys. I love it!!

  2. Alexander Donovan10/16/2012 4:32 AM

    got this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. She is in kindergarten so she doesn't carry a lot in her back pack so it was perfect for her.

  3. I bought this backpack for my two year old who starts Montessori school soon. It runs a little big on her but she's also rather petite compared to her peers. Regardless, I love the cute design and I'm actually glad it's slightly large on her - this means she gets to grown into it and use it longer!

  4. Great backpack. Perfect size for kindergarten or early elementary. Fits school folders, a lunch bag, and school supplies well. It appears to be well made and simple to use with only a large zip pocket on front.