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Fairies Pixie Fiber Optic Hardsided review

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Best Ever Backpacks: Fairies Pixie Fiber Optic Hardsided

Fairies Pixie Fiber Optic Hardsided
I purchased this backpack so I could use it next year (my sophomore year of highschool) for school, but also for when I go on 14-hour plane ride next month. I wanted something spacious but not bulky, and practical but cute. The Dakine Jewel definitely fulfilled my wants! It's perfect for a high schooler who has their locker on the opposite side of campus and can't go there very often!
There is an extremely padded laptop space, which I can fit my 13" MacBook Pro into. The main compartment is extremely spacious, which I can fit my agenda, 5 FiveStar notebooks, and 3 textbooks into. The plush-lined sunglass pouch and organzier pockets are very convenient, as well as the unique insulated cooler pocket, which I can fit a CapriSun, a sandwich, and a clementine into. I stick other snacks into a "Byo" lunchbox which I simply put into the main compartment. Even with all of my supplies in it, it doesn't look bulky and it feels pretty comfortable on my shoulders, with its padded straps and back.
I would definitely recommend this to someone who is in school and has to carry around several notebooks, textbooks, binders, and even a laptop!
(I got the Oxford design, it's so cute and easily matches with my clothes!)
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