Monday, August 12, 2013

GREAT Backpack!

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Best Ever Backpacks: High Sierra Black White Pattern

High Sierra Black White Pattern

We purchased this product to use as a diaper bag. We did the whole Skip-Hop thing with our last child and it's just not necessary to spend $80 or more on a bag to tote diapers and wipes around. This bag has several compartments to hold all our gear. The webbed drink holder on the side is perfectly sized for a bottle. The straps are wide and comfortable and can be adjusted easily. The bag hangs conveniently from the handles of our stroller using the shoulder straps-something that the messenger styled Skip Hop did not do without clipping attitional buckles. The zipper seems to be high quality and has not hung up or otherwise malfunctioned. The seams are all nicely done and are holding up well so far. The color is exactly as pictured, so no surprises. The price is very fair given the quality of the bag. All in all we are happy with this purchase and once we stop using it for diapers it will be a great bag for day trips or weekend getaways. I'd grown up using JanSport bags but this backpack is nicer.

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