Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Great backpack


Best Ever Backpacks: Lalaloopsy 16 inch Backpack Your Button

Lalaloopsy 16 inch Backpack Your Button

If you have an independent little wanderer, like I do, this safety harness backpack is a lifesaver. It keeps her from darting into streets or wandering off when my attention is divided between my two children or when travelling through airports, etc. and visiting children's gardens, museums, hiking, shopping, anywhere. I thought she might not like being tethered, but after practicing with it at home and around town for a couple of days, she loves it and wore it without fuss all throughout during our recent trip. Just be careful to not let the harness get wound around the body or neck! As with any other harness system, this requires constant attention and is NOT a license to let your attention wander off your children! The little backpack is a nice feature as well, to carry extra snacks, toys, clothes or diapers around and have right at hand.

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  1. My daughter has been toting this around for a few months and it's held up well. I was concerned based on the price that it wouldnt last long, but it has. Overall a good bag at a good price.

  2. Young Crosby11/26/2010 1:32 PM

    This was a Christmas gift for my little great niece. She is a real Lalaloopsy fan, and the back pack was a hit.

  3. Troy Nichols11/15/2011 7:32 AM

    Wonderful purchase and gift! My daughter received this as a Christmas gift and it's exceeded our expectations. Very durable, bigger than expected, and makes her grin ear to ear with each use. We specifically selected this so she can store her Lalaloopsy house and accessories inside. I purchased a plastic container w/small dividers and compartments from a craft store so my daughter can easily store the mini dolls and pieces in one place. This backpack works perfectly as it will hold the plastic container, Lalaloopsy house, RC cruiser and remote control! Definitely recommend to ALL Lalaloopsy fans!

  4. Alfreda Jimenez10/24/2012 1:32 PM

    My youngest loves lalaloopsy dolls so when we opened the box that the backpack came in today she was so excited to see it... so glad she loves it..

  5. Marion Reese11/22/2012 8:32 AM

    Five star product,delivery and review. My daughter loves it and so far the only little girl into LALALOOPSY. Very good quality and no problems with anything. Id consider this product to everyone