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Great for my Toddlers :)


Best School Backpack:s Backpack Elementary School Students Kindergarten

Backpack Elementary School Students Kindergarten

My six year old granddaughter needed a new backpack for school this year. I was already familiar with High Sierra products and felt this one would be great choice for her. She picked out the design, I ordered it and it arrived just in time for the first day of school. I was more than pleased with the quality and features and she loves it! The main compartment is very roomy and the zipper is heavy duty, zips both ways and has two easy to use pulls. A smaller pocket in front has the same zipper and pull and is large enough to hold thing a person would normally carry in pants or jacket pockets. A mesh pocket on the side will easily hold two 16 ounce drink bottles. A pocket on one of the straps baffled me until I realized it was designed to hold an Ipod! So while I purchased it for a six year old, it would be a great purchase for any age or size person. This is a full size, easily adjustable and full featured backpack. I feel this was a great purchase for the money and expect it last until she gets tired of using it!

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Title Post: Great for my Toddlers :)
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  1. I am considering it for my 5 y.o. We're in Los Angeles, CA, and I think there are only 2 available. One in LA and the other in Pasadena. Any good or bad experience on these kinds of programs out there? Thanks!

  2. Alexander Callahan11/25/2012 11:32 AM

    I will have two children going into kindergarten next year and was wondering what the school supplies will be so maybe I could get them now while they are on sale?I live in philadelphia and the school is thomas holme elementary.

  3. My 5 year old attends a magnet school but is NOT in the magnet program (neighborhood seat) and lately she has came home from school without some of her homework in a timely manner. The homework will be dated for a certain date and she will bring it home after that date, she will also receive sight words that we have to put back in her backpack every night, and she is will return them the following day ( I guess so they won't get lost). When I asked her teacher about this, at first she tried to make it sound like we just didnt check her backpack on a daily basis and we missed but I assured her that was NOT the case, b/c I signed her daily planner everyday. Then she replied back that it is my daughter's responsibility to put her own things in her backpack, so if she did not have a certain item then I would need to ask my child where it was.......VERY unusual response from a kindergarten teacher in my opinion. I don't know of any kindergartner that would ALWAYS remember on his/her own to bring home their homework or school materials without any reminder or any help from the teacher at this age.