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Leap to the Mooon


Best School Backpack:s My First LeapPad Learning System

My First LeapPad Learning System

This toy is amazing.

You'd think that something like this would be to complex for a toddler, but the leap pad gives very good vocal instructions to your child. Children as young as 3 really can do this all by themselves with No help, except maybe to change the book.(even younger would be ok if your child understand instructions and has good fine motor skills)

The games are ALL educational and ALL fun!
Your child wont get bored with the toy quickly because you can just buy new leap books. With the right assortment of books I really can see this toy playing a large part in a child learning to read. Of coarse there are books for much more than reading skills... pretty much anything you might expect on an early childhood curriculum. It is truely a learning tool; the second best only to one-on-one personal teaching.
It also is great for fine motor skills and teaches your child to use the stylus with some control, which will help her write and draw better.

Another thing you will get from this toy is quiet time. It can hold a child's attention very well... and you don't even need to stand right by them and help!

As far as durability... It holds up to dropping, being stepped on, pen chewing and juice drinking. AND it doesn't even seem to use up the batteries very quickly.

The only thing I can possibly think of to improve is that sometimes the computer doesn't give your child enough time to think and will just say "lets try again later" and they will have to push the "game" button again and not get to give their answer to the last question. Which is frustrating to children.
They should double the time the computer gives your child.

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  1. Just bought my son a leappad learning system, with book inside, but what is the cartridge all about looking to buy him more books online.

  2. Johnnie Macias10/14/2011 9:32 AM

    Can anyone give me info about good computer games, V Smile, LeapPad, etc? Which is the best system to get, how much money will I have to spend, etc. to help a five year old learn letter sounds and start to sound out basic words?

  3. Bernard Rutledge10/15/2012 3:32 PM

    Which cartridges don't work with the LeapPad Explorer? My kids already have a Leapster® Learning Game System NOT a Leapster®2 Learning Game System will those cartridges work on the LeapPad? Are all the Leapfrog Cartridges compatible?

  4. Joel Petersen11/23/2013 7:32 AM

    Someone gave my son a new LeapPad Learning system book/game (reading) but we haven't got the actual system yet. I was looking to buy one and the one I was thinking about buying says LeapPad Plus Writing, and the books/games for that look a little different. Can they take the same book? or do different systems require different books? (I'm new to this LeapPad thing). Thanks!!