Friday, May 31, 2013

Bought it as a gift


Best Ever Backpacks: Dakine 6 5 Litre Cosmo Highland 3 Inch

Dakine 6 5 Litre Cosmo Highland 3 Inch

I recently received my backpack and used it this week while commuting back and forth to work. I was very pleased and impressed with the size, number of compartments it has, and the way it holds the weight of all my personal belongings--I was surpised that there was enough room for my big purse. I carry my coffee, 36 oz bottled water, purse, iphone and its acessories, ipad and its accessories, lunch(small or big), paperwork, and umbrella in the backpack and I still have some extra space left. I take the bus to work five days a week and I used to carry my purse and a big nylon bag (and sometimes 2 bags, depending on the size of my lunch and amount of paperwork) and had problems trying to manage all the stuff I carried on the bus (with limited space) and thought about getting a backpack since I saw some people with them. I didn't know which ones were good/bad so I read reviews on this one and others. Since this backpack had many good reviews, I was encouraged to get this one and I'm glad I did. Now, I'm able to carry "one" bag, not 2 or 3, and my new backpack doesn't feel as heavy as the multiple bags I was carrying even though I'm carrying the same things. I feel more comfortable with it on my lap. I really appreciate the people who took the time to give their reviews on their backpacks before I decided to purchase mine. The "overall" rating on this item has lead me to making the right choice.

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Title Post: Bought it as a gift
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  1. Daryl Randolph10/10/2010 5:32 AM

    I ordered this product to take with me to go hiking in Puerto Rico, it worked wonderfully! I could fit multiple water bottles an my Nikon camera discretely without worrying anyone would think it was a camera bag. Sturdy and well built, the picture matches the actual colors perfectly. Highly recommend!

  2. Lonnie Calhoun11/17/2010 5:32 AM

    This backpack is amazing! First, the design of it is very attractive, I love its fabric color. Second, although it looks so small you can actually put inside everything you need: keys, purse, mobile, I even put my SLR camera into it=). Third, I love that it has to separate parts. Delivery was fast as well. I would recommend it to my friend and thinking of buying a couple as a gift for my friends.

  3. Tameka Merrill11/16/2011 7:32 AM

    I LOVE this backpack, it is the perfect size for a small day use pack/purse. I plan on using it for a little of both. It is not large at all, do not think of this as a school backpack unless it is for a small child and all they are carrying is lunch and some extras, large books will not fit. Having said that, it will fit a full sized camera, along with a light jacket and water bottle, plus pockets for wallet, keys, phone and other goodies.
    It's great for travel, very easy to carry, unlike a full sized backpack that would completely take up your whole lap or a seat, this is 1/3 the size. The colors are beautiful and the quality is very well made. No regrets.

  4. Francine Reese11/24/2011 7:32 AM

    I love the colors because my other bag was pastel and got dirty noticeably for my husband to actually understand why I was washing it. The space is ample to carry my kindle, cell phone, garmin GPS plus car charger, wallet, 2 glasscases, with more room for pens, candy, misc. I use the outside carry strap for a caliper that carries my car and house keys. I am all set - as if, and there is still room for more. Love the price and the quality is definitely there. I am not tall and so having an appropriately sized purse like this feels good. Also, have to add that I love having my hands free when I am in the grocery store and do not have to leave the purse in the cart. That stress is gone because of this backpack style purse.

  5. Milton Pratt12/19/2011 2:32 PM

    My sister had a small backpack that was falling apart and she wanted a replacement. After looking at all of the small backpacks I chose this one because of the numerous features. I really like all the pockets and compartments it has and the color is unique. Also it is made very well, so I don't think my sister will have to replace it any time soon. She is very happy with it.

  6. I love this bag. It's not a diaper bag but I used it as one. It doesn't seem like it is big enough for a diaper bag but it works for me. It you have to fit formula and bottles then I would get a typical diaper bag.
    I used it on vacation in Puerto Rico and it is perfect because everything fits without being too bulky. I use it for everything. I'm not a purse carrier too much, so this works for me.

  7. Felix Mercado11/23/2013 12:32 PM

    Good sized bag for short hikes or a day out. Good replacement for a purse and will hold a 0.5L bottle of water and a small snack with room left. Organizer in the front is good for cell phone and assorted stuff so that they don't get lost in the bag. Coomfortable. I got the Helix which I don't see around often but have received complements on.