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The Best Ever JanSport Wheeled Superbreak Backpack Pink

JanSport Wheeled Superbreak Backpack Pink

My daughter chose this JanSport backpack for its color, but it turned out to be a very good quality. The straps unbuckle and tuck completely out of sight. The wheels glide smoothly. The handles pull out and retract with ease.

The double rails on the handle (makes an upside down "U" shape rather than a "T" shape), gives the backpack more stability when rolling over curbs.

We took the backpack with us on vacation, on which it was perfect for. The size is noticeably larger than other backpacks. When my daughter lined her backpack with the other children's backpacks at school along a wall, hers was the largest one. She commented the first day she took it to school that everyone noticed how large it was -- big plus in her book, because she stuffs it with everything, including her jacket.

The shape is more rectangular than some other backpacks, and it holds its shape when empty. It doesn't tip over when full, an important feature to look for in any wheeled backpack.

Definitely a good buy for us. If it came in a color my son wanted, I'd have bought one for him, as well.

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  1. Sergio Mcleod10/13/2011 12:32 PM

    I need one that has wheels. Thanks! :)