Thursday, June 13, 2013

A good size travel or gym bag


Best School Backpacks Dakine Womens 51 Litre Duffel 11 Inch

Dakine Womens 51 Litre Duffel 11 Inch

I LOVE THIS BAG!! I was working an internship where I spent 3 days in one place and 4 days at home. I used this bag as my suitcase when I was away from home and it is really roomy so I could fit EVERYTHING i needed - including work boots, tennis shoes, shampoo bottles, and a pillow on top of clothes and other normal things. I didn't have much space to unpack at my internship, so I just kept everything in the duffle bag and lived out of it - the sipper opens up all the way around so i could see / get to everything I needed easily. I used it weekly for 3 months and there are NO signs of wear at all - and I am not gentle on my bags - banging it around, cramming it in my trunk, etc. The shoulder pad on the strap makes it so it does not dig into your arm no matter how heavy i load it up. I also used it on several snowboarding trips and it fits everything i need - puffy jacket, scarves, gloves, hat, boots, etc. Plus its really cute!

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Title Post: A good size travel or gym bag
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  1. It's a good size bag for a week long trip or going to the gym. I took this on my spring break trip and the bag was very sturdy. However, I wouldn't put a textbook in it though. The strap connection to the bag is plastic instead of metal.

  2. Lucile Rutledge11/28/2012 4:32 AM

    Got this for my daughter for christmas....she loved it! Was roomy and just what she needed for an overnight bag.

  3. Caroline Lott11/26/2013 10:32 AM

    I am very pleased with this bag. Plenty of room for towel, makeup, blow dryer, work clothes, work shoes, gym shoes and shower shoes (Whew)
    The canvas feels sturdy. The carrying strap has a nice padding that match the bag. The gym bag has a nice quality feel over all. The shoe compartment holds my tennis shoes and shower shoes with no problem so that's nice. I am very happy with this purchase

    (By the way, there are no other pockets/dividers in the bag. I bought pouches to carry soaps and leaky things in and small cases to organize my other things.)