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Best School Backpack:s Dora Explorer Plush Backpack Bag

Dora Explorer Plush Backpack Bag

I got this a year ago for my then 2-year old daughter to use as a carry-on when we were going on an international flight. I looked all over for a cute backpack that would be comfortable for a little girl to carry. Most of the bags I saw were too big or too stiff - but this was was just right for her! It was the perfect size for her crayons, a mini-coloring book (not a full-size one though) a few small toys plus a cup in the side pocket. I could have even fit a diaper and wipes in there but I didn't want it to get too heavy for her. It would have been great if only I hadn't left it in my dad's car when I got to the airport! It has gotten lots of use since then both as a toy for make-believe dress-up and as a very convenient catch all when we're going out. I highly recommend this toy/bag for anyone with a little Dora fan!

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  1. Billie Wiggins12/17/2011 10:32 AM

    I would like to know where to find a Dora Explorer Mr.Face backpack for school