Thursday, July 18, 2013

Great lunch box!


Best Backpacks for School: Avengers Red Metal Boys Lunch

Avengers Red Metal Boys Lunch

My son loves everything Thomas. This was especially a big hit because of it's durability and style. I love the fact that it comes with everything! The sandwich container has a double decker compartment, and is perfect for a sandwich (or chicken nuggets, etc.), and the other compartment, which is like an extra plate inside the container is perfect for sides of veggies. The pop-up canteen is spillproof, and my son does love to drink out of it. And unlike other pop-up straws, this straw is short and hard, so it won't hamper speech development (otherwise they will just be sucking on it like a pacifier). It is also roomy enough to include other essentials like napkins, and cutlery, or a small toy. The only drawback is that the artwork in the canteen is falling apart, but I thought that was because it has been handwashed several times with a harsh detergent when we went to India for a month. Now I use the dishwasher and it has stopped the deterioration of the artwork. And also, my three-year old tends to fumble when opening or closing the hatch. On the other hand, he will be developing his fine-motor skills! With or without lunch, he loves toting it around and storing his toys on it. Plus, we get a lot of praise whenever other kids or moms see it, and they always asks us where we bought it!

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Title Post: Great lunch box!
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  1. I just received the lunch box for my grandson...He will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks..He requested The Avengers lunch box...I am extremely pleased with the product...It's what he wanted...Just love it...On top of that I received it way before expected..Can't wait to see the look on his face...Your product is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this was bought for my 6 year old grandson..he wanted a lunch box..cant find them in the store so I knew amazon would have them..i bought it..reeived it and love grandson has taken his lunch to school everyday now..doesn't want to eat in the cafeteria..his class mates that this was the coolest thing ever.....I will buy more from amazon..good quality...good shipping....GO AMAZON.......cindi howton