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Best School Backpack: Domo Boys Stuffed Backpack Brown

Domo Boys Stuffed Backpack Brown

My son loves everything Thomas. This was especially a big hit because of it's durability and style. I love the fact that it comes with everything! The sandwich container has a double decker compartment, and is perfect for a sandwich (or chicken nuggets, etc.), and the other compartment, which is like an extra plate inside the container is perfect for sides of veggies. The pop-up canteen is spillproof, and my son does love to drink out of it. And unlike other pop-up straws, this straw is short and hard, so it won't hamper speech development (otherwise they will just be sucking on it like a pacifier). It is also roomy enough to include other essentials like napkins, and cutlery, or a small toy. The only drawback is that the artwork in the canteen is falling apart, but I thought that was because it has been handwashed several times with a harsh detergent when we went to India for a month. Now I use the dishwasher and it has stopped the deterioration of the artwork. And also, my three-year old tends to fumble when opening or closing the hatch. On the other hand, he will be developing his fine-motor skills! With or without lunch, he loves toting it around and storing his toys on it. Plus, we get a lot of praise whenever other kids or moms see it, and they always asks us where we bought it!

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  1. Lakeisha Cooke11/16/2011 10:32 AM

    It's very durable! I just think that this Domo backpack is absolutely gorgeous; very soft and I just adore his little nubs for arms and legs! It's pretty much a decent backpack if you pack light-- folders, notebooks, and pencil cases, however binders don't fit very well because the length is a few centimeters short. Ah well, not much of a problem for me. Overall I think it's a cute little backpack if you're a fan of brown furry monsters. Also the product came on time. (:

  2. This product arrived in great shape. It did not have any holes or rips. It looks just like the picture.

  3. Jeanine Schultz10/14/2013 6:32 AM

    Product arrived on time and was everything i expected to get. A little small, but i figured that by the dimensions. Great gift for Domo fans.