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Holds up good


Best School Backpack:s American Princess Turquoise Butterfly Backpack

American Princess Turquoise Butterfly Backpack

Most important thing I will write in this review: compare dimensions of the various backpacks to your child's back (width from shoulder to shoulder;and length from neck to waist);and buy the larger one,depending on the size of your child. I bought the signature collection for our two year old granddaughter for a couple of reasons: (1) This particular one is larger than many that are for sale; and (2) the quilting pattern is a swirled design, and I think it makes the bag look more feminine and expensive.
(1) Playschool teachers advised grand/parents/others that backpacks should be large enough to accomodate artwork. This backpack accommodates a change of clothes, a 'sippy cup' and any materials sent back and forth between playschool including her priceless 'artwork.' Our granddaughter is tall for her age so she could easily accommodate the larger bag. Plus,she won't 'outgrow' the bag any time soon.
(2) LOVE the swirled quilting design - just simply aesthetics.
The bag is well made with quality materials, and I recommend it without hesitation.

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Title Post: Holds up good
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  1. Backpack is a beautiful color. Nice and sturdy. My daughter loved it!! Will continue to buy this kind of product every year!!

  2. Bernard Schmidt11/24/2011 5:32 AM

    I bought this backpack for my 8 year old daughter. It is absolutely beautiful. The combo of gray, blue and black are so adorable. I material is very sturdy and should last my daughter the whole school year.

  3. Jason Summers11/30/2011 1:32 PM

    This backpack holds up really well! My daughter is hard on them and this one has held together perfectly so far. And fun colors and designs! She loves it.

  4. Britney Sanders12/25/2011 5:32 AM

    My daughter just started kindergarten. She is only going for half days so I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a backpack and have to buy her another one next year. She is in love with butterflies so this was totally perfect for her. A little big but that is ok!

  5. Trisha Myers10/16/2012 1:32 PM

    I worried about ordering a book bag for my daughter online because I couldn't actually see how big it was-but this is a good size bag for school. Also good material that will hold up and not fall apart!

  6. Nice and simple design. Beautiful color and very spacious, since that was the reason for me to buy a new backpack two months into the school year.

  7. Claude David11/18/2012 7:32 AM

    Had to find a school bag for my daughter, the one she had fell apart just after school started. This is so great, might even last till next school year.

  8. Allan Morrow12/19/2012 6:32 AM

    I got this for my six year old because her old backpack straps were ripping out of the top of the backpack. This one has more room on the inside along with the two front pockets. It is bright and cheerful and definitely worth the money!! It's great!!

  9. Margo Bailey11/24/2013 7:32 AM

    I like it and it is big enough to hold all of my stuff. It's sturdy and very adorable. Good price.