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Best School Backpacks High Sierra Backpack Gray Print

High Sierra Backpack Gray Print

I have been searching for a backpack for several months, shopping every possible website that sells them. I bought this particular Loop Backpack for my dad last year, and he loved it. Yet I thought I could find a better one, and cheaper. Well, I ended up buying this one for myself as well, and it is perfect. So happy with the size and durability, plus I can use it as a carry-on.

Amazon is the BEST place to shop ; )

Thanks a bunch...

Update from original post 5/30
Took this pack to Thailand for 3 weeks. WONDERFUL pack. holds tons, but doesn't hurt your back because of the great padding. The compartments are excellent and ample room to store lots of items. I kept personal items in the front, then kindle and phone, in the largest, kept a big dslr and two lenses. I then topped it off with other misc items. I have bought two, one me and dad, and I intend to buy another as a gift.

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  1. Both my kids have these backpacks now, they hold up well and they hold a lot. Sometimes it's too much and the backpack gets too heavy, but that's not the backpack's fault!

  2. Absolutely love this backpack. I need something heavy duty for my college books. I am glad I bought this bag. It has tons of room.

  3. Got it for kids food/diapers stuff we carried around in a smaller backpack. This one is well made, fabric is great, lots of pockets, and adjusters. Lovely zipper handles. Using it daily for 6 months - it stays perfect.

  4. Ernestine Morrison11/15/2011 9:32 AM

    Wow!! What a deal for the size of this durable backpack. It adjusts to fit more and the compartments are huge! The largest compartment can hold 2-3" bonders and some folders. Then you can add notebooks and stuff to the other large compartment. It expands easily and looks cool. My 7th grader loves it!! Thank you Amazon!

  5. Elisa Holloway11/24/2011 3:32 AM

    because all that is good and because I gustaooo muchoooooo everything right all excellent recommend
    y poreque esta muy buernono em ha llegado

  6. Sturdy, lots of pockets, good size, and cute! It works great for college and it looks like it will be able to last me until I am done with school. The only thing I would change is making the zippers not go all the way to the bottom of the bag, which would eliminate the need for the straps on the side.

  7. Nathaniel Robertson11/13/2012 3:32 AM

    Needed a replacement backpack for my daughter for the amount of books she takes to and from school. Fits everthing perfectly. Thank you.