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Awesome Back Pack


Best Backpacks for School: Jeep Playful Backpack Harness Removable

Jeep Playful Backpack Harness Removable

I had the monkey backpack for my son and after loving it, I chose this one for my daughter even though she isn't old enough to need it yet. It is incredibly soft and really cute! After reading the first review, I "tested" it out around the house with my son (he was willing to participate lol). I can't comment on long term use, but it held up with him finding it hilarious to try and "run away" with me still holding the strap which made it tug on the strap and him go backwards. You have to have some fun sometimes!! :) Nothing broke and he's 5 so I'm hoping it means that the first reviewer just got a dud. I'm giving it 4 stars and will update it if necessary whenever I use it for it's actual intended purpose.

Edit 12/28/12:

This has held up well! My daughter is 2.5 and hates the stroller. Living in FL and having passes to SeaWorld, we go often, which means this gets used often. I upped my rating from 4 stars, to 5 stars. I have absolutely no complaints. Also, my daughter who HATES being confined has no problems when we use this (probably because she knows that the alternative is the stroller).

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  1. Michele Mcleod10/10/2010 10:32 AM

    I got this little backpack for my granddaughter to take on a plane trip. It was great for holding fun stuff to do and it help my daughter from being nervous about losing her daughter in the crowds.

  2. Nanette Herman12/26/2010 4:32 AM

    This cute backpack is a lifesaver. It is the new diaper bag for the toddler and the tail of the dog is a leash to keep him out of the street. Only complaint is that since he is so heavy, we got a little tear at the top after the first day, but it was easily repaired with needle and thread. He doesn't complain about being held back with this thing, either. Since he won't hold your hand, this was a must have and I will get more.

  3. I bought this harness because I wanted to give my son a sense of independence while on walks, with a greater feeling of security for me. The extra benefits of the harness are: 1)I'm now pregnant with twins and can't keep up with my toddler son, so the harness allows me to teach my son to walk while holding my hand, but if he runs away from me, he'll still be safe; 2) the backpack is so cute that other people don't seem offended that the child is on a harness (not that I care who gets offended, but I'd prefer not to get the "bad mommy" stare from others :o)
    My son even enjoys putting the backpack on and does not seem to care that he can not go but so far when he tries to run from me.

  4. We took back back on airplane and to Disneyland. It was perfect size for treats, diaper, wipes. We bought one for our 18 month old and one for our 2.5 year old perfect for both ages. Leash was great in the airport. Backpack was very soft the 18 month old used it as a pillow.

  5. Cory Gallagher12/27/2011 2:32 PM

    Well made and very cute. This is a 'must have' if you go shopping, to theme parks or walks along the beach. Every child would love this too.

  6. Used: During Travel. and for my son's Preschool. Able to carry a toy and few dress/ diapers in it. My wife liked it very much.

  7. Clifton Noble11/30/2012 2:32 PM

    My daughter loves to walk. She hates riding in carts and strollers! This is perfect for us because it gives her the freedom to walk, yet I still have her close! The backpack is constructed VERY well and is roomy enough to actually put stuff in it. She loves the dog on her backpack too! I was looking at many of these and I am incredibly pleased that I chose this one! Thanks Amazon for another GREAT product!

  8. Rebecca Mcfarland12/28/2012 5:32 AM

    I bought one of these for my first toddler and really wanted another one for my second. I wish they made a different animal so that they could tell them apart. I like that it is an actual backpack and has a zipper that can hold snacks and drinks etc.

  9. I bought this for my nephew, He loves it so much he won't take it off! Good quality for the price, you won't regret this purchase.