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Cute little backpack!


Best Backpacks for School Stephen Joseph Rolling Backpack Airplane

Stephen Joseph Rolling Backpack Airplane

Most important thing I will write in this review: compare dimensions of the various backpacks to your child's back (width from shoulder to shoulder;and length from neck to waist);and buy the larger one,depending on the size of your child. I bought the signature collection for our two year old granddaughter for a couple of reasons: (1) This particular one is larger than many that are for sale; and (2) the quilting pattern is a swirled design, and I think it makes the bag look more feminine and expensive.
(1) Playschool teachers advised grand/parents/others that backpacks should be large enough to accomodate artwork. This backpack accommodates a change of clothes, a 'sippy cup' and any materials sent back and forth between playschool including her priceless 'artwork.' Our granddaughter is tall for her age so she could easily accommodate the larger bag. Plus,she won't 'outgrow' the bag any time soon.
(2) LOVE the swirled quilting design - just simply aesthetics.
The bag is well made with quality materials, and I recommend it without hesitation.

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Title Post: Cute little backpack!
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  1. Howard Mathis11/20/2010 12:32 PM

    I highly recommend these backpacks. I think I have gotten around 7 of them now. I bought the first one, a monkey backpack, for my 3 year old to take to pre-school. He LOVED it, and took it everywhere, not only school. Then his brother, a 1.5 year old, got his hands on it and fighting ensued. I got another one, an airplane backpack, so that they each had one. They both wheel them around all over the place and have even used them for trips through the airport, to the amusement of the other passengers. They are cute, well-made, light and easy to use. The designs are cute. I now buy them for the many birthday parties that come up. The kids love them. Great gift. Great backpack. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Ivan Wilkinson11/25/2010 2:32 PM

    Perfect for my 2 and a half yr old grandson. Just the right size. The little guy absolutely loves it

  3. Daphne Pittman11/27/2010 10:32 AM

    This is a very cute luggage, perfect for my 4 year old grandson! It's a Christmas present, so SHHH!, and so not yet been used but I am very happy with the way it looks.

  4. Clifton Cross11/22/2012 7:32 AM

    This little backpack is very well made and super cute! The first backpack got torn up by our dog on the front porch after FedEx delivered it. I called FedEx and they wouldn't stand behind it (my husband said it's our own fault..our dog)but I thought I'd call Amazon to see what their policy was and they stood behind it 100%. I could not be more happy about using Amazon for all our shopping!

  5. This was a gift for my 4 year old nephew. He loves it! It fits plenty of little toys - but is small and light enough that even when packed it's easy for the little dude to wheel it around on his own. Very cute!

  6. Latonya Conway11/26/2013 1:32 PM

    On Christmas day, my son rolled this all around the house. He likes putting his legos and cars inside it.

    I saw one review that mentioned that you'd have to roll up a coloring book, but I think that's beside the point. You can fit a number of small toys, some food, and most other things that would keep a toddler amused on a flight. You can still keep the coloring books or larger items in your own carry-on.

    For a kid that's 5 or older, you might want something a little bigger, but for a toddler, this is awesome.