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Good find!

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Best Backpacks for School High Sierra Swerve Pack Black

High Sierra Swerve Pack Black

1. Product : It is good. Found no flaw whatsoever. Has many compartment.
a. front utility zip compartment . half bag height
Has small pockets for key, and stuff
b. second compartment : A small (that can hold 40 A4 paper)
c. Third main compartment .
It has two compartment in it. separated by a thick cushion. The one in front can hold 150 A4 papers and the cushioned compartment can hold my Macbook pro 15 inch very cozily .
Laptop compartment has a separate zip.
d. Top change compartment . A top zipped compartment of size of fist to hold your change or hankies..
e. Two side mesh pouches to hold small water bottle.

The Strap. Thick, wide very well cushioned. I didnt feel strap pinching even when I was carrying about 30 pounds of stuff with me...
You can easily extend or reduce the length of strap. (found that surprisingly easy compared to my earlier bag straps)

Zip : Big. (could have been bigger and better but now they are ok.)
The middle compartment zip always gets hidden in flap. Need to search it sometime. (not very easy when you are standing in subway and you want to pull out your A4 -nonHard-bind book. :( )
Zip chain is not very smooth. But ok smooth.
Because these problems I almost gave this product 4 star. If manufacturer is listening. PLEASE Improve the zip discoverability and size and smoothness.

2. Delivery : As expected, on time deliver. Nicely cushioned.

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  1. Lance Gilliam11/26/2013 11:32 AM

    I'm starting school again in August and I have gone through SO many backpacks. I really just want to buy one that will last for a while. But, I want it to be super cute. Do you guys have any suggestions????