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Terrific buy - and MUCH cheaper than Vera Bradley


Best School Backpacks Medium Quilted Floral Backpack Brown

Medium Quilted Floral Backpack Brown

I need a backpack for a trip to Europe this summer. I'd been looking for awhile because I wanted a smooth shoulder carrier design without a lot of straps, snaps, buckles, etc. My searches did not turn up anything that looked acceptable to me. Then, while in Hawaii, I discovered Dakine.....just what I was looking for! A lot of school and college kids use these for transporting their loads, plus travelers. I was thrilled to find that Dakine makes several lines sized for women. I gave my Prom Pack a trial run during a recent trip to Charleston and LOVED it! It was so easy to slide on and off, and left my hands free while trecking through airports. I'm 60 years old and found this size and style perfect for my needs. The pack is designed with spaces for everything you need while traveling... my notepad, cell phone, Nano, travel papers, etc., and has one large deep pocket for stashing a change of clothing (just in case luggage doesn't arrive) and more. And, the Prom Pack is also very attractive, with a bright turquoise lining. In summary, I love this backpack! If I could justify it, I'd buy a couple more in different colors, just because they're so cute :)

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Title Post: Terrific buy - and MUCH cheaper than Vera Bradley
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    I bought this for my 13-year old daughter who has many friends with real Vera Bradley bags. But lucky for us, she isn't that label/brand conscious and just wanted the same look, etc. and she was very happy with this bag. Nice quality and a perfect size; not too small but not too big either. Overall, a great buy and I might have to look for another one for myself soon!