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Best Ever Backpacks: John Deere Scene Weaver Backpack

John Deere Scene Weaver Backpack

We're going on a 7 day cruise and everything my 2 year old needs fit well into this suitcase, including swimmers and beach towel - I will admit to being a super packer which means I roll all clothing. This case is sturdy and roomy and the outside pockets let the little one have easy access to small toys and snacks. For children a little older, there is plenty of room for a week at Grandma's, although there would not be room for bigger toys or large cuddlies. The zippers work well and the design is enough like Mom or Dad's to make the little one feel grown up. Another reviewer suggested this would fit under the seat of a plane. I fly a fair amount and this case seems a little too big for that, but it would certainly be no problem in the luggage compartments above the seat. The price of this was a lot less than other comparable luggage I looked at but I was not disappointed in any way. It does not have ball rollers, but that is not important on a case this size. The zippers are color coordinated and strong, as is the stitching. I have nothing negative to say about this case, and I rely strongly on customer reviews, so I hope this helps. I wish I had another grandchild so I could buy another one.

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  1. Patrick Cain11/11/2010 1:32 PM

    My son loves it! It seems very sturdy so far, although we've only had it a short while. Definitely seems to be well made.

  2. My son picked this backpack out for preschool and loves it! It looks great and seems to be very strong.

  3. We got this for our son when he started preschool. He loves it! I love that it is a good quality backpack and is big enough that he wont grow out of it in a year or two. Great purchase!

  4. Clyde Goodman11/23/2011 11:32 AM

    My son used this backpack for 2 years for half a day preschool (5 days a week). We just ordered him another one for kindergarten. This is very durable. It held up to a rough little boy and mommy's frequent washings! I love this back pack. We ordered a different one and it was very uncomfortable for my son because of the way the straps were. I think this will be his favorite for a long time!!!

  5. This backpack is a must if you have a little one into tractors. Made out of great material very strong.would definitely recommend it to you.

  6. My nephews love John Deere, had purchased one of these locally and given as gift last year. The youngest couldn't understand why he also didn't get one. This year he will. Add their names and they are the envy of their classmates.

  7. Henry Mcintosh10/30/2013 9:32 AM

    My son only had 1 requiement for when he started kindegarten and that was he wanted a John Deere back pack. This was the only one I could find that had a picture of a tractor on and not just the logo and he loved it. I can't comment on the durability because we have a couple of weeks before school starts but it looks like it would hold up for the entire school year.

  8. This was bought for a 3 year old who loves John Deere tractors but is big enough that it could be used by older children (a football was being carried in it at one point lol)

    Bag a good quality and a great price

    But the best part is that it can be shipped to the uk unlike other sites which only post within America. It arrived in great time well before the date i was told.