Sunday, June 2, 2013

pink canvas backpack

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Best School Backpack Korean Popular Casual Schoolbag Backpack

Korean Popular Casual Schoolbag Backpack

I just got this backpack a few hours ago, and I am totally in love with it! Alright, so the estimated delivery date was April 26 - May 17 and I got it April 2. The delivery date is insanely fast. The pack looks wonderful! As soon as I wear it for a few weeks, I'll update this and tell how it's working out. Oh, by the way, other reviews say that they got a gift that came with the backpack, but I didn't get one (not that it matters-I didn't pay for it after all), just to tell you that not all of these orders come with the gift. Anyway, back on topic, this backpack is amazing and beautiful. Like the other reviews say, it's also very spacious. I can fit 2 binders, a big book, 2 folders, a spiral notebook, my lunchbox, and many other things easily, just in the main pocket. It also seems very durable and strong. This is a really nice backpack and I totally recommend it. :)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alright, so it's been more than a month later and my backpack is still holding up great! I got a ton of comments on it. My friends and even some people that I don't know said it was really cute. Nothing has broken on it and I don't anything ever will. It's still strong and durable. I LOVE IT!

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