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Total hit with my 7 yr. old!


Best Backpacks for School Rolling Backpack Deluxe Horses Backpacks

Rolling Backpack Deluxe Horses Backpacks

After beginning nursing school in August 2011, I quickly realized a rolling backpack would be a necessity. The amount of books I have to carry to and from school, were way too much weight on my back. I've purchased JanSport backpacks in the past and was using a JanSport when school started (no wheels). However, I wasn't sure I wanted to pay the price of a rolling backpack. A friend of mine purchased another brand at a local discount store and within 1 month of school, it began to fray and this month, it started to tear. She paid thirty dollars for her non-JanSport. I knew if I bit the bullet and paid the higher price, I wouldn't regret it. And, I was right!!!! I've had my rolling JanSport since October and I LOVE IT! It rolls smooth and holds all my books. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. Thanks Amazon for a great deal! And Thanks JanSport for an awesome product!

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Title Post: Total hit with my 7 yr. old!
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  1. I bought it to be used as a carry-on luggage for our family trip to Florida and she totally loved it! Her sister got the dolphin rolling backpack and they both got lots of compliments on them. Lots of room for everything she had to have...stuffed animals, diary, kindle, DVDs,snacks, change of clothes/swimsuit and my husband managed to get the camera bag in it also! It's one of those purchases that will be well used/spent. She wants to start using it as a school backpack also to give her back a break from the heavy lifting she's doing now with her current traditional backpack! Excellent product!

  2. Edward Norton12/17/2010 10:32 AM

    When my 11-year old gave me her specifications on the backpack she wanted for the new school year I never thought I would be able to find one for her. She loves horses and the color pink. Due to the amount of books she brings home she wanted a rolling backpack. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this Pink Horse Rolling Backpack. It is at a higher price range than regular backpacks. But considering the material, handle, stitching, embroidery, wheels and spacious this rolling backpack is worth every penny and I gladly paid it. She loves her rolling backpack and has received compliments from her classmates which is putting her on the popular scale at school. Happy daughter = Happy mom

  3. My daughter love this backpack..we din't find something like that in the stores comfortable,gorgeous and very good quality thanks