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Works great for run-away toddlers!


Best School Backpack: Littlelife Runabout Toddler Daypack Pink

Littlelife Runabout Toddler Daypack Pink

My child was given this as an 8th birthday gift and absolutely loved it. Where she has been frustrated by stencil kits or art pads in the past, this book was easy for her to use. Because the Monster High characters are very lightly but very clearly drawn on each page she was able to replicate the look she wanted on her first try. The stencils are durable and easy to position on the page (they are very slightly translucent). Because of the fineness of the preprinted detail lines in the faces, this is not a suitable pad to use with crayons. Markers might bleed through so I suggested my daughter try using colored pencils with the pad and they worked very well. Excellent gift idea for the Monster High fanatic that might already have everything. I'd include a big box of Crayola 24ct Erasable Colored Pencils and a decent sharpener.

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Title Post: Works great for run-away toddlers!
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  1. Rhonda Wiley10/23/2010 1:32 PM

    the name does hold true to its size, toddler pack. It's light weight, not heavy.The day it arrived he liked wearing it, walked around the house with it. He put his cartoons in there. It's a good size that the child will not carry too much or a heavy object. I cannot wait for summer season so he can have his waterbottle or juice in there or sweater. I am glad I bought this pack for him. I recommend this for parents looking for a "Not So Heavy" or "bulgy" toddler pack for their kid(s).

  2. This toddler daypack is truly toddler-sized. It's smaller than I expected, but if you scale an adult daypack to toddler size, this is what you get. Unlike a lot of backpacks for toddlers, this one actually fits well and conforms to her body. It can't hold a lot of stuff, but you really shouldn't load your toddler up with too much weight anyway. I pack a few safety items like a flashlight, some glow sticks and a signaling whistle, plus a small water bottle and whatever little things she wants to carry.

    It has a detachable grab handle that you can use to walk your kid like a dog, which surprisingly, she has requested a couple times.

  3. Kelly Sheppard12/23/2011 1:32 PM

    I love this little bag. It is the perfect size for my 16-mos old who wants to wear a backpack like the bigger toddlers. Someone saw the bag not on my daughter and asked if it was for a chihuahua! So, as others have commented, it's very small. It fits my daughter's sippy cup, lunch, and a small toy or two. Not a lot. BUT, I don't want my little toddler carrying around a lot on her back. It fits her perfectly and I love that it clasps together in the front so it doesn't slide off of her shoulders. The bag is small enough that when she is tired of wearing it, I can slide it right into my bigger bag. It has held up well so far, even cleaning up the constant yogurt stains.

  4. Everyone says that this backpack is too small, but it actually is the right size for a toddler who is anywhere from 25-40 lbs. It's perfect to put small toys, crayons, snacks, and a couple of diapers in. You have to remember that the kids wearing this can not lift as much as you or I can, so the packs need to be smaller so their backs can support it without hurting them. The harness strap works well and I love the handle at the top.

  5. Jacqueline Horton12/18/2012 6:32 AM

    As other reviewers said, I was shocked at how tiny it looked coming out of the box, but it fits my 15-month-old perfectly. He'd rather drag it around than carry it on his back. It's just the right size for daycare. It has one change of clothes, a baggie with medicines and can suually fit his lunch in it (depending on the tupperware). Also, it's just adorable. I've been asked several times already where I got it.

  6. Lilly Mendez12/18/2012 8:32 AM

    This is an adorable little backpack, perfect for my two-year-old. When it arrived I thought it would be way too small. It looked doll-sized, but when I put it on my little man it filled his back. Any bigger and I think it would be cumbersome. I was able to put his lunch and toy tractor in it and I had room to spare. The size specs on Amazon didn't seem to match the Littlelife website so I was worried Amazon was selling an older/smaller version (I don't know if one actually exists), but the bag I received seemed to match the slightly large dimensions from the manufacturers website: 4�x6�x10�". It is largest at the bottom and then tapers up, but that size seems to suit the body of a little toddler. Overall, I'm pleased with the size and the quality.

  7. I bought this for my 14 month old son, and it is fantastic! It is the perfect size- I can put in a small stuffed animal and a snack when I leave him with a sitter. I highly recommend it. The women at the gym childwatch always ask me where I got it because it is such a perfect size for young toddlers.

  8. Alyce Baldwin10/15/2013 11:32 AM

    We have had our little backpack for over a year. I bought it when my son was almost three. All the children in his little preschool were carrying gigantic backpacks and of course he wanted one. I couldn't bring myself to buy one of those gigantic-cheapy-ill-fitting ones so I did an internet search and found Littlelife. My son uses his backpack nearly everyday. He puts his toys in it when we go to the store or on a bike ride. On hikes he carries his water in the mesh pocket or inside the pack. We are in the process of buying the Alpine 4 since he is out growing the roundabout. We love the product and the quality!