Monday, August 5, 2013

Super Cool Super Fast!!

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Best Backpack for School: High Sierra Backpack 8 5 Inch Plaid

High Sierra Backpack 8 5 Inch Plaid

I have been searching for a backpack for several months, shopping every possible website that sells them. I bought this particular Loop Backpack for my dad last year, and he loved it. Yet I thought I could find a better one, and cheaper. Well, I ended up buying this one for myself as well, and it is perfect. So happy with the size and durability, plus I can use it as a carry-on.

Amazon is the BEST place to shop ; )

Thanks a bunch...

Update from original post 5/30
Took this pack to Thailand for 3 weeks. WONDERFUL pack. holds tons, but doesn't hurt your back because of the great padding. The compartments are excellent and ample room to store lots of items. I kept personal items in the front, then kindle and phone, in the largest, kept a big dslr and two lenses. I then topped it off with other misc items. I have bought two, one me and dad, and I intend to buy another as a gift.

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