Thursday, June 6, 2013

Perfect size for small Non-Laptop carry-on


Best Ever Backpacks: Dakine U 8130105 Grom Northwood

Dakine U 8130105 Grom Northwood

The reason why I bought this pack, was I wanted something small and light weight that I could easily take with me on an outing instead of my purse. This is exactly what I needed. It easily holds my 20oz Klean Kanteen, camera, phone and all my other purse items.

One of the reason I was a little weary of buying this pack was I wasn't sure exactly how the insides looked like and if it was big enough to fit my needs. I am happy that after buying it, it does in fact. But, I have added two pictures to show exactly what the insides look like since I couldn't find any online when I was purchasing.

The back opening has a little zip pouch for change or possibly personal stuff and an open area for water bottle, camera, etc. The front opening has three narrow pouches for pencils and pens, a larger pouch to the side with a zip mesh pouch on top of that. There is also a larger pouch behind all those possibly for small papers. There is also a zipped up area on the opposite side. So, there is plenty of places to put things.

The back doesn't have much padding so it is a bit bumpy to my back depending on what I put in it. But, that doesn't bother me. I am just glad to have this for use of hiking or going on a boat ride and now having to worry about all my stuff getting lost because it is on my back.

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  1. This backpack is comfortable with the straps and where it sits on the shoulders. It's probably a better size for women than men although my husband carried mine awhile and liked it too. Make sure you read and understand the size dimensions!! I like this for day trips with my son - carry some water, wallet, light jackets, snacks. Great for carry on for a short trip as well.

    It is 800 cu in, Volume: 13 L, Pack Dimensions: 16 x 9.5 x 6 in

    This is not advertised nor meant to be a large backpack. If you want a large one, find a large one.