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Great backpack for toddler


Best Backpack for School: Stephen Joseph Boys Quilted Backpack

Stephen Joseph Boys Quilted Backpack

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Loved It!!!!!!!, July 27, 2006

A Kid's Review

I think this backpack was so amazing to me because I used it from 2nd grade to 7th grade and I still have it now. I happen to love rainbow, so I chose the color of "Peace Out." You Can Fit almost anything in there and the backpack can fit into almost anywhere. I definetly recommend it to anyone, any age is perfect. I want to keep this backpack for a long time. But best of all, if you want to keep it forever, the colors never fade out. So you will still notice the colors even ten years after you purchased it. I think I will definetly buying more things from Amazon. At least I'll be sure it will last a very long time.Horray for Amazon!!!!!

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Title Post: Great backpack for toddler
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  1. Got this backpack for my three year old who needs to be able to carry lunch, a small pillow, a stuffed animal, and occasionally some papers to and from school. Works great. He loves his "train back pack" and loves to secret things in the little pocket (big enough for sunglasses or a snack). It goes through the wash great and the colors are beautiful. The only downside is the unpadded straps. We don't put anything heavy in the bag but they are starting to roll up a little as he uses it.

  2. My son loves his new backpack (he also has the matching lunch box) and it fits his little body perfectly.

  3. Duane Lancaster11/29/2011 4:32 AM

    My three year old son loves trains, so he was very excited when I got him this backpack for preschool. He often tells people, "I have a train backpack" and proudly wears it into school every day. I like that it's not made of plastic or PVC, just good old natural cotton, with cute embroidered details, yet is well built to hold everyday items.

  4. Candace Kennedy10/26/2012 8:32 AM

    Just like all the other Stephen Joseph bags we have had, wonderful durability and machine washable which is a must for a busy mom!

  5. Clinton Jimenez11/13/2012 2:32 AM

    My son received this for his 1st birthday. I immediately started using it as a diaper bag because I didn't need to worry about needing something huge to carry around bottles and all other infant necessities anymore. I LOVE this bag and get compliments all the time. I am actually online right now ordering a "girly" version as a gift and I couldn't resist writing a little review on this one while I was here!

  6. This was purchased for my son as a gift from a friend. I had noticed it in several of the boutiques in the area but thought it may fade after a wash, so I never purchased one.

    After quite a bit of use I washed it and it looks just as good as it did when we received the gift. The only thing is that the felt part of the train gets knots on it after the wash. I took a fuzz eater and took care of that.

    It's a good little back pack for day use or trips to church. It's small but functional!

  7. Very cute bag bought for my 2 year old son love how I can wash it anytime and not ruin it

  8. Tamika Doyle12/17/2012 5:32 AM

    I love this bag, my daughter loves this bag. It's works great for diapers if I don't feel like carrying the huge diaper bag. It works great as a toy bag for my 1 yr old.