Monday, July 22, 2013

My 3 Y.O. Niece Loves Her Alphie!

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Playskool 39350 Alphie

Alphie is a revived version of a learning toy from a few decades ago, and there are definitely improvements. The lights and sounds and all the other things that engage the 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds who are the target audience for this thing are there, and Alphie is sufficiently interactive. Pretty much whatever button you press gets a useful, sensible response that's instructionally sound.

The learning cards are simple - alphabet, rhymes, shapes, identification of musical instruments, and so on. The instructional designers did a good job of getting the max out of each card, and Alphie's responses and teaching sequence pass muster with this old-time designer of sight word computer lessons and feedback. And you can buy more cards to expand the possibilities.

Unfortunately, the cards are stored in a pocket in Alphie's back. If you turn the little guy over, they all fall out. Nothing to keep them in the pocket.

But that's the only real drawback to something that will entertain kids for a good long while (by 3 or 4 year old standards) without being too annoying to a parent, and patiently teach simple recognition and association skills. But kids differ, so make sure your likes this kind of toy and can stand the whoopee.

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